cool and clean

cool and clean – supporting fair and clean sport

Swiss Olympic’s ‘cool and clean’ is the biggest prevention programme in Swiss sport. In keeping with Free. Fair. Future. it helps clubs support and empower children and young people in the sporting environment and educate them about the harmful effects of addictive substances like tobacco.

‘cool and clean’ aims to give young athletes a springboard to a healthy and happy life. The programme has therefore been working for 16 years to empower children and young people and to promote healthy environments.   

Six team commitments

At the heart of the ‘cool and clean’ programme are six commitments for successful, fair and clean sport. Over 8,000 teams throughout Switzerland have signed up to the ‘cool and clean’ commitments, which see young athletes and their supervisors make the following pledges: 


  1. I will achieve my goals (youth sport) 
    I will make it to the top (elite youth sport) 

  2. I play fair 
  3. I perform without doping 
  4. I don’t use tobacco 
  5. I don’t drink alcohol (U16) 
    If I do drink alcohol, I do so without harming myself or others (16+) 
  6. I …  / We …  (own commitment) 


A healthy club environment

It usually takes a variety of measures to empower and support children and young people in sports clubs. This is why ‘cool and clean’ ambassadors offer free advice and guidance to clubs in all Swiss cantons. On the basis of eight standards, they analyse the club environment and suggest ways it could be designed to promote the personal and sporting development of children and young people and to allow them to pick up healthy behaviours for later life.   

A health-promoting club culture leads to strong and healthy young people.


Through advice and guidance for clubs, ‘cool and clean’ supports sporting event organisers and sports camps operators in implementing youth protection measures and steps to protect children and young people from second-hand smoke.