About Free. Fair. Future.

The organisation of Free. Fair. Future.

Various areas of life are relevant to children and young people. These areas of life underpin the activities and services of Free. Fair. Future. in five areas of action: School, Sports, Leisure, Profession, Family.   

Support areas of Free. Fair. Future.

The support areas are responsible for the cross-cutting issues of Free. Fair. Future. They set out the general framework and develop a concrete basis on which to support and assist the programme partners in their work.  

Communication & Networking 

Tasks: design and create all communication instruments, support, supervise, coordinate and network programme partners with regard to communication  


Scientific support 

Provides the basis to be able to assess and optimise the impact and effectiveness of invested funds. The activities and offerings of all programme partners are improved on an ongoing basis through monitoring, evaluation and research.




Free. Fair. Future. is implemented by tobacco and nicotine prevention partners who implement individual schemes. These include Swiss Olympic, éducation21, Oxysuisse, Médecine et Hygiène. For more, see here.  

The team behind Free. Fair. Future.

The child and youth programme Free. Fair. Future. is developed by the secretariat of the Tobacco Prevention Fund (TPF) in collaboration with various partners. The following team members from the TPF Secretariat are involved:

Stephan Brun

Programme manager

Verena Friedrich

Scientific assistant

Cédric Gumy

Deputy programme manager, scientific assistant

Andreas Tschöpe

Communication manager, scientific assistant

Thomas Beutler

Scientific assistant