Further actions

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The actions are implemented by our programme partners and parties who are mandated by the Tobacco Prevention Fund. They are funded by the Tobacco Prevention Fund within the framework of the child and youth programme.

Communities That Care – promoting a positive environment

Communities can do a lot for the health of their young residents. Children and young people who grow up in a stimulating, active and loving environment will become responsible and healthy adults. Many of the parameters that make a life free from tobacco and nicotine easier for children and young people can be directly controlled by local authorities.

Two young people sit laughing in the open boot of a car.

stop2drop – preventing cigarette littering

‘stop2drop’ combines tobacco prevention and environmental protection, bringing an environmental dimension to the public health messages of tobacco prevention. It therefore hopes to appeal to environmentally-conscious youth.

A boy stands on a grind bar with his skateboard and looks confidently into the distance.

TANOKJA – Tobacco and nicotine prevention in open children’s and youth work

Good practice concepts are being identified for tobacco and nicotine prevention in open children’s and youth work, taking into account the proven practice to date, the latest scientific findings and the children’s and youth prevention work of the Tobacco Control Fund.

Tabagram – decoding advertisements on social networks made child’s play

Unisanté's new tablet game «Tabagram» challenges young people to develop a critical attitude towards the tobacco industry’s advertising strategies on social media. Young people take on the role of a moderator and report recognised advertising messages. The game is available free of charge in French.

“Let's talk disposable vapes!”, the new prevention campaign from the City of Lausanne

The City of Lausanne and the Lausanne Youth Council have decided to inform young people and those in contact with them about the dangers of disposable vapes. Initiatives in schools, information for parents, videos and a rap on prevention by and for young people make up the campaign, which is being implemented between now and the end of 2023.

How to better reach youth? (REACH study)

The tobacco and nicotine industry knows its target groups very well and tailors its marketing activities precisely to them. Tobacco control has a lot of catching up to do in this regard. This is why the Tobacco Control Fund (TCF) has tasked Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW) with a research project to identify the needs and interests of the target groups – among them adolescents

Vapefree.info: sound information on the subject of vaping

The vapefree.info website provides sound information on the subject of disposable e-cigarettes (vapes). It’s aimed at teachers and parents. The site features short texts, videos, infographics and a collection of exercises and lessons. In addition to its own content, vapefree.info also lists existing material from other actors in the regions and cantons.

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