Fresh Air for Free

Fresh Air for Free – tobacco- and nicotine-free spaces

Tobacco- and nicotine-free spaces are crucial for children and young people. This is not only because second-hand smoke is unhealthy and unpleasant. People are not tempted to smoke in places that are tobacco and nicotine free. Smoke-free spaces let us enjoy fresh air and freedom and open up new prospects and possibilities in our communities.

Through ‘Fresh Air for Free’, we call for and encourage more such spaces: playgrounds and sports grounds, parks and meeting places, terraces and spectator stands, public transport stops and workplaces, homes and cars. Everywhere where children and young people spend their time must be free from tobacco smoke, vaping, and the smell and litter from smoking.   


In Fresh Air for Free, all interested parties can campaign for tobacco- and nicotine-free spaces. Together we support activities in various communities. We provide materials, arguments and contacts, promote dialogue and celebrate successes.   

The TPF is currently funding the following FAFF projects:

City of Neuchâtel: Mon espace – ma liberté


In the fall of 2022, we developed new approaches and measures with interested partners as part of the FutureWorkshop (page not available in English).

We’ll provide updates on other things we’re doing on this page, and you can also find out more in the Free. Fair. Future. newsletter. If you have questions or ideas, please contact Thomas Beutler

Two teenagers are talking on a concrete staircase, one is sitting on the step while the other is lying on her back on the step with her head hanging down.