The lesson programme

ResponsAbilita – the lesson programme from Free. Fair. Future.

Together with éducation21, we at Free. Fair. Future. have developed a new national lesson programme for schools. The programme is geared towards the principles of education for sustainable development (ESD). In various modules, we shine a light on tobacco and nicotine prevention, taking into account economic, social and environmental issues. At the same time – in keeping with Free. Fair. Future. – children and young people are at the heart of the programme and continuously help develop it in a participatory process.

Taking and encouraging responsibility

As the name suggests, ResponsAbilita is all about taking responsibility. Successful prevention is not only based on the personal responsibility of individuals, but also the responsibility of the most important actors in society. Being able to recognise both requires certain competencies.  

ResponsAbilita therefore seeks to empower children and young people to take responsibility for their own actions and consumer behaviour. They also need cross-cutting competencies to be able to recognise society’s responsibility and to help shape the general environment.  

Two teenagers jump from a roof with a concentrated gaze.

A focus on active participation

‘Participation and empowerment’ is one of seven defined ESD pedagogical principles. We therefore specifically promote the necessary competencies and boost young people’s self-efficacy. This is why we not only involved children and young people in the creation process of the offer. We will also further enhance ResponsAbility in collaboration with schools. As part of the challenges, schools can participate and also win attractive prizes.