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Two young people stand against a railing with concentrated gazes while holding two balloons per person

Facts and evidence. Unembellished, sobering and categorised.

A youth laughs hysterically while looking up at the sky, while a youth looks into the camera while wearing a traffic cone as a hat.

Take responsibility and get involved. For yourself and as part of the community.

A young person lies on his back holding his arms together on his stomach.

The campaign of Swiss Olympic and the Tobacco Prevention Fund to champion fair and clean sport.

A teenager runs laughing towards her skateboard lying on the ground.

Take action rather than getting worked up. All together rather than everyone for themselves.

Our vision is for children and young people in Switzerland to enjoy a life free from tobacco and nicotine.

This is Free. Fair. Future.

Making change happen together

Become a part of the Free. Fair. Future. community. Join us to campaign for a world where young people don’t feel pressured to smoke.

A teenager sits cross-legged on the floor and gazes dreamily into the distance.
Two young women are talking on concrete steps, with one sittting on a step while another lies on the step on her back letting her head hang down.

Taking and encouraging responsibility

The lesson programme from Free. Fair. Future. focuses on the topic of responsibility. It offers schools an interactive teaching programme to promote key competencies. The programme revolves around participation and principles for sustainable education.

A teenager sits laughing in a shopping trolley and is pushed around.

Let the facts speak for themselves

Transparency & Truth highlights the influence and methods used by the tobacco and nicotine industry in Switzerland through hard-hitting facts. This allows children, young people and adults to ask their own questions and form their own opinions.

Promoting fair and clean sport

Swiss Olympic’s ‘cool and clean’ is the biggest prevention programme in Swiss sport. It helps clubs support and empower children and young people in the sporting environment – and raises awareness of the harmful effects of addictive substances such as tobacco and alcohol.

A young woman squats laughing on a wall holding her skateboard.