What makes children and adolescents tick?

The tobacco and nicotine industry knows its target groups very well and tailors its marketing activities precisely to them. Tobacco control has a lot of catching up to do in this regard. This is why the Tobacco Control Fund (TCF) has tasked Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW) with a research project to identify the needs and interests of the target groups – among them adolescents.

The Tobacco Control Fund (TCF) commissioned an interdisciplinary team from Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW) to undertake empirically based target group segmentation for tobacco control. Five target group segments resulted for adolescents. They vary with regard to factors including socioeconomic status, pursuit of structured hobbies, social resources and mental wellbeing.

Information on the project, methodology and results can now be found on the website of the Swiss Association for Smoking Prevention (AT). In addition to the generally accessible information, there is also a password-protected area for prevention specialists. This contains the detailed results and profiles, which set out the characteristics of the target group segments in a clearly structured way. It also features tips for devising counter-measures plus a dashboard for data analysis (e.g. by gender, language region, etc.).

To access the password-protected area, please register by visiting the AT website and selecting one of the password-protected areas ("Details about young people", "Details about adults" or "Devising measures").

Two teenagers are talking on a concrete staircase, one is sitting on the step while the other is lying on her back on the step with her head hanging down.