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Vapefree.info: sound information on the subject of vaping

The vapefree.info website provides sound information on the subject of disposable e-cigarettes (vapes). It’s aimed at teachers and parents. The site features short texts, videos, infographics and a collection of exercises and lessons. In addition to its own content, vapefree.info also lists existing material from other actors in the regions and cantons.

Sales of disposable e-cigarettes have risen sharply. Owing to the variety of colours and flavours, their relatively low price and easy availability, these products appeal specifically to children and young people. Marketing is aimed precisely at these target groups.

The vast majority of young people are now familiar with these products. Many have already tried them or consume them regularly. It’s therefore not surprising that the topic of vaping has now also reached schools and families. However, teachers and parents often lack simple and reliable information as well as concrete instructions on how to deal with the consumption of these products. There’s a great need for information.

Vapefree.info closes precisely this gap. The site provides teachers and parents with simple information and guidance in German, French and Italian. This content is attractively presented in the form of short texts, infographics and videos, and is easy to understand. Some of the videos were designed and produced by young people themselves.

There are also a large number of educational modules available for schools that can be used directly in lessons.

Last but not least, vapefree.info also gathers regional information materials and offerings. Interested parties can access these directly on the site in question.

Visitors can easily and quickly find and use the most suitable offering for them.

The contents of vapefree.info are largely based on the preliminary work of the Swiss Association for Tobacco Control (AT); for more in-depth information on individual topics, please refer to this page accordingly.