Further actions

stop2drop – preventing cigarette littering

‘stop2drop’ combines tobacco prevention and environmental protection, bringing an environmental dimension to the public health messages of tobacco prevention. It therefore hopes to appeal to environmentally-conscious youth.

stop2drop is based on two successful collection campaigns against cigarette littering. This project is a 15-month pilot which will again involve a large-scale pick-up challenge. stop2drop was launched on the WHO’s World No Tobacco Day on 31 May 2022, whose theme this year was the impact of tobacco on the environment.  


In the pilot project, stop2drop also focuses on playgrounds with the aim of ridding them of cigarette butts and of tobacco and nicotine. Tools and templates will be developed to combat cigarette littering in parks and playgrounds. In implementing all parts of the project, stop2drop relies on communication, particularly via social media, to reach young people.   

During the pilot project, work will also be done looking at whether and how a longer and larger-scale follow-up project could be organised. This could include areas other than parks and playgrounds, for example.  


Participation is at the heart of all cooperation with children and young people in stop2drop. This participation is enshrined in the project’s organisation, with a youth section that helps shape and support stop2drop.    

A youth stands on a grind pole with his skateboard and looks confidently into the distance.

stop2drop is implemented by the association Verein stop2drop. If you have any questions or feedback, please contact Markus Dick, info@stop2drop.com, Tel. +41 79 331 84 47.