Further actions

“Let's talk disposable vapes!”, the new prevention campaign from the City of Lausanne

The City of Lausanne and the Lausanne Youth Council have decided to inform young people and those in contact with them about the dangers of disposable vapes. Initiatives in schools, information for parents, videos and a rap on prevention by and for young people make up the campaign, which is being implemented between now and the end of 2023.



Disposable vapes, a threat to health and the environment that is invading schoolyards. Young people have decided to act to raise awareness of the issue of disposable vapes and their risks among their peers and those in contact with them. In support of this move, the City of Lausanne has set up a pilot committee comprising members of the Youth Council and prevention specialists, including unisanté and CIAO. Free. Fair. Future. is actively supporting the campaign, which will run until the end of 2023.

The campaign is targeting a range of audiences:

  • In schools: teaching tools and the game “TABAGRAM” have been provided for teaching staff.
  • For young people: video clips covering the three dangers of disposable vapes (not green, against the rules and addictive) and a rap on prevention, “DAME”, have been created by and for young people. The rap was written by the young Lausanne singer-songwriter LUM.
  • For parents and healthcare professionals: an information leaflet on new tobacco products – including disposable vapes – will be sent to the parents of all students in classes 8P to 11, as well as to healthcare specialists

The aim of the campaign is to inform young people of the dangers of disposable vapes and to raise awareness of the tobacco industry's aggressive marketing strategies, which target them.