The lesson programme

Module «you»

Here you can find all information and documents for the module «you» for secondary level 1.

«What can children and young people do themselves to contribute to a healthy lifestyle?»

Core idea

Schools are provided with five journals that reinforce and promote healthy living and self-efficacy. They serve as a kind of logbook for work on generic competencies. They consist of a mixture of predefined impulses and blank spaces for reflection and independent development of content. They can be printed out and stapled by the students themselves. Individual assistance is available as an online application.

Learning objectives

Students … 

  • …  can reflect on their own values, form an opinion and justify their viewpoint.

  • … become aware of their feelings and can thus express their needs.

  • … can deploy strategies to seek solutions, make decisions and take responsibility for themselves in challenging situations.

  • … are familiar with and can implement strategies for individual health promotion.