The lesson programme

Module «surroundings»

Here you can find all information and documents for the module «surroundings» for secondary level 1.

«How can students, with support from teachers, actively contribute to the creation of a health promoting environment?»

Core idea

Tools for (a) the development of ideas and (b) project implementation are made available to schools. Using a participatory approach, ideas are developed and efforts are made to implement them with the involvement of students. Inspiration is provided by examples of projects already implemented by other classes.

The following key questions based on a whole-school perspective can serve as a guide:

  • How can we build and maintain a positive and inclusive living environment for everyone?

  • How can we make our school healthy and environmentally friendly in a financially sustainable way?

  • Where can we work with external partners to set about creating a healthy school environment?

Learning objectives

Students can … 

  • ... jointly and objectively seek solutions on the basis of collective ideas.

  • ... integrate concrete solutions for a healthier lifestyle into their daily lives.

  • ... get to know and experience the basics and methods of project work, from project development to implementation.

  • ... take responsibility for actively helping to shape their living environments.


Practical examples