The lesson programme

Module «society»

Here you can find all information and documents for the module «society» for secondary level 1.

«What influences our day-to-day purchasing decisions and behaviours?»

Core idea

With the aid of examples, students are informed about and learn to recognise various advertising strategies. They become aware of the strategies that have the greatest influence on them. They consider not only the social responsibility of producers employing these advertising strategies, but also that of policymakers who define the legal framework for advertising (restrictions on advertising), and explore why the promotion of products harmful to health is permitted.

Learning objectives

Students can … 

  • ... see how advertising strategies relate to their everyday experiences.

  • ... identify the advertising strategies that most influence them and thus define measures to take in the future.

  • ... analyse the promotion and function of a product, reflecting on these from the perspective of consumers.

  • ... recognise the social responsibility of producers and the importance of regulation of advertising.