How the Federal Council aims to protect young people

On 13 February 2022, the electorate gave a clear “yes” (56.7%) to the popular initiative “Children without tobacco”. The Federal Council is now working on systematic implementation of the people's will.

The Tobacco Control Fund (TCF) welcomes this message to parliament regarding the amendment of the law proposed on 24 May 2023. Halting the deluge of tobacco and nicotine advertising directed at children and young people is a key element of youth protection. In commenting on the decision, the Federal Council mentioned that “every year, 9,500 people in Switzerland die prematurely as a result of tobacco consumption, which is one of the major public health issues”. To date, tobacco advertising has played a significant role in influencing young people to start smoking.

Free from tobacco and nicotine

The ban on tobacco and e-cigarette advertising that reaches minors should be adequately and consistently applied by 2026. “In future, print media, kiosks and festivals will be free from tobacco advertising; neither online advertising nor purchases without age verification will be possible”, according to the “Children without tobacco” press release. The Federal Council is also calling for the tobacco industry to publish its advertising expenditure.

Free. Fair. Future. is also supporting the aim of implementing effective measures to promote the health of children and young people. The child and youth programme of the Tobacco Prevention Fund and its partners are involved through cool and cleanResponsAbilitaFresh Air For Free and many other actions.